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  • Timemore Black mirror scale

    Timemore Black Mirror Scale


    This scale is a great choice to improve your coffee brewing, be it for measurable extraction, flavour or intensity you need to measure your variables and make changes accordingly. Brew time and brew ratio (ratio of water to coffee) are two variables that have the biggest impact in brewing coffee.

  • Timemore Nano Grinder

    Timemore Nano Grinder


    The Timemore Nano hand grinder not only delivers competition-grade grind quality and consistency, but it does so in a package that is 100mm in height. Patented foldable handle, easy carrying, diamond pattern, skid-proof, easy grinding.

  • Timemore Chestnut G1

    Timemore Chestnut G1 Grinder


    The grinder is one of the most important tool a barista or coffee connoisseur will need. Timemore’s Chestnut G1 is their top end manual grinder with luxurious metal and wood finish. A jewel in its own right. Cut from a single piece of aluminium alloy, it is a high-end, luxury, precision grinder with a build quality that is second to none. The the Chestnut G1 puts grind quality and consistency first, delivering ground coffee that is on part with some of the best grinders in the world.