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About Us

Coffee That Awakens The Senses!

Aura Bean was officially founded on January 2017, but this dream was brewing for about 2 years before this. So just like a coffee tree that takes approximately 3 – 4 years before it can bear fruit, ABR  has been a seedling, carefully handled and attention given to create a strong base.

The dream was to create not only a brand, but a lifestyle changing movement. We care about our coffee, for this reason we only use fair trade green beans that are ethically imported and passionately roasted.
We simply love providing amazing coffee and at the same time we want to share the hidden mysteries of coffee, from the seedling to your cup.

The coffee industry is the 2nd largest trade commodity in the world and we just love how your creativity can push the boundaries. So many different processing methods  with such a wide range or flavour profiles. Single origins to expertly crafted blends. The sky is the limit when it comes to coffee.

Aura Bean is a small batch roastery. This means that we roast our coffee in a 6kg machine that gives us full control on every aspect of the roasting process. We can fine tune our roast profiles to bring rich tasting aromatic fragrances which no coffee lover can ignore.

Aura Bean is all about the environment and sustainability. So do yourself a favour and follow our journey into this magical coffee experience. Our coffee’s taste will give an experience emanating passion and distinction.

The Team

The people who create the good stuff

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Lambert Fourie

Founder / DVPTL / Roaster / Barista Trainer

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Zaendré Van Deventer

Graphic Designer / DVPTL / Barista

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Koos Fourie

Co-Founder / Adviser

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does it take to get my order?

Once an order is placed and funds have been received, we will roast your order fresh and have it sent out within 2 business days. Should you have it delivered to your home, please add another 1 to 2 business days. 

Do you serve restaurants and independant shops?

Yes we do! We offer our very same great tasting coffee whole or ground. Should you be interested in creating your own blend, we will be happy to help you create it. Have a look at our Contract roasting.

We also offer in depth training and equipment at exceptional pricing.

Do I need a referral?

You absolutely don’t need a referral to work with us. We serve both home and corporate sectors. 

Coffee That Awakens The Senses!
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